Reservations shall be made over telephone, in person, online or by mail without any obligation. Reservation is followed by confirmatory email from consultant to the traveler (provided that the correct email address is given in time). The confirmatory email contains detailed traveler information, schedule, payment, company contact and terms & conditions.
Flight Reservation / schedule and details have to be confirmed/replied by both parties in written (where applicable) within 24 (regular) to 48 hours (exceptional case) of reservation. For reservations made over the Internet, full payment is normally required at time of reservation unless specifically stated in the booking process.
In cases where full payment is not made at the time of purchase, THE MINIMAL DEPOSIT PAYABLE IS 50 GBP. The initial deposit is non-refundable and is required within 24 hours of reservation to ensure Travel Consultancy services and maintain seat Reservation.
Tickets are only issued once agreed, replied or confirmed by the traveler. Issued tickets are non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable (unless specified).
E-Tickets Electronic Tickets) are issued and sent via email once full payment is made before deadline / ticket time limit / expiry and after schedule/itinerary is confirmed by traveler in written and any/all document (in case of third party card) are provided.
In cases, where no email address is provided, the traveler may visit the office in person to collect tickets or request tickets in post (mailing/post may take less/more than 72 working hours).
The confirmatory email sent after telephonic / online reservation and payment is "not a proposal” and signifies that the buyer and the seller “are in contract” as stated in the email, at details and cost as provided and agreed between both parties. However, a traveler may request corrections (if any) in response to the email asap / same day. After the initial deposit, the traveler can continue making part payments weekly / monthly or make the full remaining payment at the given date / before deadline.

There will be no contract between the seller and the buyer until the card is charged or payment is made. In cases where wrong card / payment information is provided or card declined or third party card forgery/fraud is suspected, no contract will apply.

All or any call may be recorded for quality purposes. Customer feed backs, survey information or communication may also be used for marketing, public information or where required. However, customer personal information / payment details are only discussed with the customer him/herself (if adult or guardian).

In case of technical errors in online reservation, considering that to be systematic in nature, no contract will exist between you and company. While in case of Phonetic errors, the Verification Officer may utilize all sources and take a decision in the best interest of the traveler and the organization.

The company may require / demand all third party card verification documents where any traveler has a different name than that given on the card, or where a friend / company or family is making payment for or on behalf of a traveler. The third party card documents are strictly required for your financial security and to protect our customers from misuse of lost/stolen cards through online / phone reservations. Any third party using a card on different name is required to abide by the third party terms and conditions as communicated through the concerned agent / consultant at the time of reservation/payment/use of third party card. A traveler who fails to provide all third party card documents / bank verifications timely will be charged of cancellation OR tickets will not be issued if the company’s verification Officer is not satisfied with the documents / evidence provided.
For Adult travelers, travel information / details will only be communicated, discussed or responded to the traveler her/him self. Parents/ Guardians can discuss the travel details of Infant / Child / minors / Senior Citizen (above 60) / Special or disable persons, provided that the reservation is made by parent / guardian directly.
The deposit is deducted from the total ticket cost i.e. the first Deposit is also a part of payment towards total ticket cost. Upon final payment the flight schedule and price as applicable/available on date of full payment/confirmation is resend/communicated to the traveler for reconfirmation/difference payment prior ticket issuance.
Incase if schedules/flight details/price are rejected or objection by the traveler after purchase and before tickets issuance (at the time of 1st confirmatory email), considering if there is a valid reason, the travel consultant will provide/inform any/all alternate flight options to best suit traveler"s priorities. However, some flights/reservations may not be transferable or changeable depending on airline / destination and cancellation charge may apply.
For regular or Deposit reservations, if at the time of ticket issuance the airline schedule is changed/revised or if the airline is no more available/operating, or incase if any currency fluctuation, tax or fare difference has occurred during the course or applicable, the traveler will be notified. In such cases, (if required) alternate flight options will also be offered and payment can be adjusted in new flights at fare/cost difference as applicable and payable by the traveler. Fares, Taxes or any charges may be revised by airline or governing body at any instance unless the tickets are confirmed in writing, documents provided, fully paid for and issued same day.
In case of late payments, part payments, deposit reservations, late schedule confirmations, late third party card document submission, airline policy change, fare/tax revision etc. the availability of fares is inductive and confirmed on full payment, at same day of ticket issuance.
A secondary Schedule verification may also be sent at the time or prior ticket Issuance, if required. Any/all matters related to cost / schedule/name/transits should be settled before ticket issuance and the agency will not be liable / accountable once the business is over between the seller and the buyer and the product (ticket/accommodation voucher) is delivered.
Cancellation will be charged if change factors are external (other than company itself) or if the Flights are cancelled by traveler her/himself on free will or other reasons. The cancellation charges before ticket issuance are those as stated in company policy, while cancellation charged after ticket issuance is as stated in airline policy (For exact amount of cancellation please contact your concerned agent/consultant). Reservations can also be entirely non-refundable in case of most economy or special promotional fares depending on individual airline policy and destination, please recheck before applying cancellation.
The balance of your reservation should be paid before the given deadline / ticket expiry date. Please note we do not send reminders. If the balance is not paid by this date we reserve the right to cancel your reservation, retain your deposit, and apply the cancellation charges set out in the section 6. All Flight schedules / departures / returns / accommodation check in / etc should always be reconfirmed all onward and return reservations with the relevant airline supplier at least 72 hours prior to departure.
For matters concerning flight services, airports, dissatisfaction with carrier/accommodation, flight delays, in-flight services, onboard operations, flight cancellations, airline suspension, in-flight food / entertainment, etc Airlines hotels are directly responsible/accountable and should be contacted directly for immediate problem solving / claim or complain. Company is not liable for Accommodation/hotel or Airline’s services, policy, operations or standards.

Matters related to Visa, Transit, Passport or Travel Document must be checked with the concerned consulate / embassy prior travel / reservation. Company does not bear any responsibility for providing, assisting or advising valid travel documents / transit / visa or appropriate passport for entry clearance. For problem solving or customer care please feel free to contact the designated managers in each section/unit, or the central customer services department. In case where foul language is used or racial discrimination / harassment or disrespectful comments are made by the traveler/caller, the employs reserve the right to terminate the communication politely and immediately, (disciplinary action may follow). Complains about staff / employ performance, behavior, professionalism or skills can also be launched at central customer services department. All complaints are supervised and action by an independent unit at the earliest possibility.
The only language in which the contract can be concluded is English.